Frequently Asked Questions

The Geography of Tourism Diploma is suitable for both business man and people who work in government organizations and non-government organizations. The Geography of Tourism Diploma degree benefits professionals working in a variety of tourism, including academic , business , marketing , international diplomacy, and administration, to name a few.
The Diploma can be completed in one year. It includes tutorial and examination.
The Diploma Program can be studied online, which means you can study at the time and place that's best for you.
PGDGT Program provides total 8 modules within one year. It includes 4 modules for first semester and another 4 modules for second semester. After completion of second semester examination, students will go to the tourism site for project paper .
  1. Registration fee is Kyats 10,000 and fee for first semester is Kyats 200,000.
  2. Fee for second semester is Kyats 200,000 and examination fee is Kyats 24,000
  3. Following registration, participants receive Student ID and Password.
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